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Level 1 Books and Activity Guides

For students who have learned closed syllable types, which include short vowel sounds as well words containing the floss rule (ff,ll,ss), c = /k/, s = /s/ and /z/ and suffix -s. For more information visit the Scope and Sequence Page.

No Gift for Man
Set 1, Book 1

No Gift for Man (Set 1, Book 1). Prometheus creates mankind while his brother, Epimetheus, creates the animals. Epimetheus gives all of the good gifts away to the animals and leaves nothing for mankind. The ebook version is available for FREE on Amazon with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. The paperback version is also available. The Level 1 Activity Book is coming December 2023. Find a preview of FREE downloadable PDF activities on the page for COR Instruction. Scroll to the bottom to find the downloads.



No Gift for Man Supplementary Activity PDF

The complete 60-page Supplementary Activity Guide is available in the STORE. It contains both print activities and links to digital activities for phonological awareness, rhyme, vocabulary development, morphological awareness, syntax, written language and more. Because of the wide range of activities, the PDF is appropriate for grades 2-8.

The Bandit
Set 1, Book 2

The Bandit (Level 1, Set 1, Book 2). Prometheus steals fire from Mount Olympus to give to the newly created humans and suffers the wrath of Zeus. Available as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You may also order books from your favorite local bookstore.

Find digital BOOM CARD activities HERE.



The Bandit

Supplementary Activity PDF

Check out the STORE to purchase the 106-page PDF. It includes flashcards to work on words containing short vowel sounds as well as a separate set of cards for articulation of /s/ and /z/ blends which are also available as digital boom cards. There are activities for phonological awareness (sound deletion & rhyming), sound tracking, dictation, morphology (suffix -s and -en), vocabulary, sentence combining, sentence construction, paragraph/story/ essay writing, and more.


The Box
Set 1, Book 3

The Box (Level 1, Set 1, Book 3). To get revenge on mankind for accepting the gift of fire, Zeus gives Pandora to Epimetheus as a wife along with a mysterious box they are told to never open. COMING 2024


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