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The HOT ROD series was designed to complement any reading program. Our stories and poems help students develop Higher Order Thinking through the Reading of Decodables that are written as stories, poems, and more. They are based upon subjects of high interest such as Greek Mythology and current events. The series was designed for older readers who still need decoding practice. 

More complex concepts are possible because of a strategy called Pair and Share reading which pairs developing readers with more proficient ones. Questions to stimulate Higher Order Thinking appear at the end of each book and supplementary materials for each book include a full range of 24 activities based on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy – HOT Topics. These activities moving from simple to complex and concrete to abstract. The breadth of these activities make these books appropriate for a wide range of age and ability levels. 

Additional supports found in the supplementary materials include activities for phonological awareness, morphology, vocabulary, sentence structure cognitive flexibility, and written language. Free downloads of many of these activities for Book 1 may be found on the page for COR Instruction to give you an idea of what each set will contain. The Scope and Sequence for the series covers 7 levels. 

The first book, a picture book from Level 1, No Gift for Man, is available now  on Amazon. Go to the Contact page of this website to find out how to get a free PDF preview of Book 1. More books will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out the article on Finding the Right Decodable Books for Your Students for lists of additional publishers who create these books.

Check out the Level 2 Chapter Book - Hank the Tank: Animal in the Spotlight Here.

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