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Level 2 Books and Activity Guides

For students who have learned short vowel sounds as well as nk and the following digraphs, trigraphs, and combinations: ng, ck, sh, th, ch, tch, wh, qu. Suffix -ing is also included. For more information visit the Scope and Sequence Page.

Hank the Tank: Animal in the Spotlight

In February of 2022, a black bear by the name of Hank the Tank made international news after he reportedly broke into dozens of homes in South Lake Tahoe. Concerned citizens made over 100 calls to the local authorities about a bear scavenging for food and destroying property. Authorities feared they would have to euthanize Hank.


Fortunately, Hank’s life was saved by science. Wildlife biologists made a very interesting discovery in the DNA left behind at the break-ins. Read the story to find out what happened. Read more HERE.

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Hank the Tank Front Cover with a Bear sitting down

Hank the Tank Activity Book

This 163-page book contains over 50 different games and activities to provide practice with decoding, reading, writing, and speech. They promote higher order thinking aligned with the 24 categories of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy. See the introduction to each section to learn how activities connect to the Science of Reading. Use this resource in person or via tele-education. Developed for teachers, dyslexia interventionists, speech-language pathologists, and parent educators, it also promotes collaboration between these groups. Read more HERE. If you have already purchased the book, use your Purchaser's Code to find downloadable PDFs HERE.

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