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Decoding Scope and Sequence

Books from the HOT ROD Series (Higher Order Thinking through the Reading of Decodables) can be used to supplement any reading program but were specifically designed to support Orton-Gillingham based instruction. Look at the scope and sequence below to make sure the story aligns with your students’ current decoding level. If not, the story can still be used, but words that contain patterns that have not been introduced may need to be taught as learned words. Learned words must be taught prior to reading either because they contain an irregular pattern or because they include a pattern that has not yet been taught.

Set 1 may contain more elements than are traditionally taught for beginning readers. That is because these stories and poems were designed as a review and consolidation of concepts. They are also intended for older readers who often have a higher sight word vocabulary than younger readers. Rather than using the stories to introduce a concept, the stories may be used at any point after sounds have been introduced to reinforce those concepts.

The following scope and sequence aligns most closely with the Sounds In Syllables Program. For more information about that program, visit the Multisensory Training Institute of New Mexico at

Download the Scope and Sequence PDF for the HOT ROD series.

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