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Meaningful content is important for developing strong readers. We use the concept of Pair and Share Reading to support readers in accessing content as they build their decoding skills through our HOT ROD series. Find out more below.

Book Releases

Word Travel Press Titles

Prometheus and Epimetheus create the animals and man. Book 1 Set 1

No Gift for Man (Level 1, Set 1, Book 1). Prometheus creates mankind while his brother, Epimetheus, creates the animals. Epimetheus gives all of the good gifts away to the animals and leaves nothing for mankind. The ebook version is available for FREE on Amazon with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. The paperback version is also available. The Level 1 Activity Book is coming December 2023. Find a preview of FREE downloadable PDF activities on the page for COR Instruction. Scroll to the bottom to find the downloads.

The complete 60-page Supplementary Activity Guide is available in the STORE.

Prometheus steals fire to give to mankind. Book 2, Set 1

The Bandit (Level 1, Set 1, Book 2). Prometheus steals fire from Mount Olympus to give to the newly created humans and suffers the wrath of Zeus. Available as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You may also order books from your favorite local bookstore.


Watch for STORE for the 106-page Supplementary Activity PDF coming October 2023. 

Book cover for Pandora's Box

The Box (Level 1, Set 1, Book 3). To get revenge on mankind for accepting the gift of fire, Zeus gives Pandora to Epimetheus as a wife along with a mysterious box they are told to never open. COMING 2023

Book cover for Hank the Tank

Hank the Tank: Animal in the Spotlight (Level 2). Read about the adventures of a real-life bear who was blamed for dozens of break-ins in the Lake Tahoe area until DNA evidence led to a surprising discovery. Available at, Barnes & Noble, or through your local bookstore. The Activity Book is available below. For a preview of some of the activities as well as Part 1 of the story, download the FREE 6-page Activity Guide. Visit the Hank the Tank page for additional information. 


The Hank the Tank Activity Book is available in paperback on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, or through your local bookstore.  Downloadable PDFs and online Boom Card games explore over 50 different games and activities supporting decoding practice, reading comprehension, writing, and speech-language development. Learn how the activities fit into the 24 categories of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy. See the introduction to each section to learn how games connect to the Science of Reading. Use this resource in person or via tele-education. Developed for teachers, dyslexia interventionists, speech-language pathologists, and parent educators, it promotes collaboration between these groups. Visit the Hank the Tank page on this website for additional information. Get a sneak peak of a few activities HERE. If you have already purchased the Activity Book, use the purchaser's code to find printable PDF activity pages HERE.

picture of Hank the Tank book with orange border, states that this is a book companion bundle

The Hank the Tank Book Companion Digital Bundle includes 15 digital activities which may be found at wow.boomlearning. Try out the FREE activities in this bundle to see if it's right for you. Many activities are digital versions of items found in the Hank the Tank Activity Book above. Save 20% by purchasing these items as a bundle.

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