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What We do

Decoding words and books with the HOT ROD's method


Built-in Resources

At Word Travel Press we know that a reading journey can be stressful. To support parents and teachers, we provide resources on our site and in our books so you can help your readers succeed.


Audio Companions

In today's globalized world, chances are you are interacting with people from more than just one country. This is where our multilingual functionality comes into play. Take advantage of this unique capability to expand your reach.


Activity Books

Each of our books at Word Travel Press includes a companion activity book. These help your reader to engage with the material in new ways!


Decodable Method

Our HOT ROD's method is based on the science of reading. You can feel confident in applying the methods helping your reader.

Our Decodable Books Learning Method

Pair and Share Reading Strategy

Pair and Share Reading is a strategy that pairs developing readers with proficient readers (educators, parents, peers) who share the literacy experience with them by reading the more challenging segments aloud. Find out more HERE

Father and Daughter Read on the Beach
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Elements of COR Instruction 

The sub skills of reading and writing (decoding, phonological awareness, morphology, vocabulary, syntax, comprehension, etc.) are best taught with systematic and strategic practice. Each of our decodable books is accompanied by activities that support COR (Components of Reading) Instruction. Find examples and free activities on our page for COR Instruction. Find specific strategies and activities to improve executive function skills on our page for Cognitive Flexibility.

Scope & Sequence

Choosing the Right Decodable Books for students can be a challenge. Decodable books contain only the letters, sounds, and learned words that have been taught. Explore our Scope and Sequence to discover which level is right for your student.

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The HOT ROD series was designed to complement any reading program that follows a structured literacy approach. Our stories and poems help students develop Higher Order Thinking through the Reading oDecodables written as stories, poems, and more. Designed for older readers who still need decoding practice. Read more HERE

Want to Know More?

Check out these pages for more information on the HOT ROD methodology

What are Decodable Books?

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Scope and Sequence

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Pair and Share Reading

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