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The picture book, The Bandit: A Greek Myth Retold aligns with Level 1 of the HOT ROD Series-

Higher Order Thinking through the Reading of Decodables. It was written for students (grades 3

and up) who still need work on decoding words that contain closed (short) vowels and

consonant blends. The story is appropriate for use with general education students as well.


This Activity Book includes word lists along with numerous activities that focus on the

Components of Reading (COR) that support reading comprehension and writing. Go to to find the Scope and Sequence of the series.


Students with a fifth-grade reading level or higher may read the entire book including the

introduction. Younger students and struggling readers may listen to the introduction read aloud

and read the story poem themselves with support.


Books from the HOT ROD Series can be used to supplement any reading program but were

specifically designed to support Orton-Gillingham based instruction. Level 1 may contain more

elements than are traditionally taught to beginning readers. That is because these stories and

poems were designed as a review and consolidation of concepts. They are also intended for

older readers who often have a higher sight word vocabulary than younger readers as well as

more exposure to suffixes and prefixes. The story may be used at any point after all closed

(short) syllable sounds from Level 1 and the concept of suffix s (as both /s/ and /z/) have been

introduced. It is intended to reinforce those concepts.

Activity Book for The Bandit

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  • This is a 106-page downloadable PDF with links to online games. The download is available for 30 days after purchase. Activity pages may be reproduced for student use only. Contact with questions.

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